The Lord gave me this 3 step process and I am excited that you are here to be 

a part of a mighty move of God.  My sister, when we accepted Jesus as our Lord, we also 

agreed to obey His commands.  Before Jesus ascended back to His throne, He 

commanded us to Go and make disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20)

As you watch this training, and follow the simple 3 simple steps, I believe you will 

be better equipped to do what Jesus has commanded.

On behalf of the women you will have an opportunity to help grow in their relationship

with Christ,

​​​​​​​Thank you!!!

“You cannot effectively lead someone down a pathway where you haven’t gone yourself. (You can’t take them spiritually where you haven’t been.) You can tell them about the path or direct them to it; but it’s not the same as having them actually follow your leadership or your example down the trail of life in Christ.” !!!!!!!!!!!

K. Groves

Revive My Sister Training Video

Revive My Sister Introduction