Congratulations, On Being A Disciple Maker!!!​​​​​​​

STEP #1: Download and Print Your Form

Be sure to download and print out this form prior to meeting with your sister.  This form is a tool to assist with building a lasting relationship with your new sister.  Relationships are built on trust and transparency.  This form is a safe place to start being transparent.  

STEP #2: Open With Prayer

Be sure to start each meeting by asking God to be the center of all you do and say.  And ask Him to provide you with what you need to be of value to your sister.  

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Revive My Sister Form

STEP #3: After You Both Complete the                     Form Separately

You read hers and she will read yours.  Spend time discussing your answers.  As you discuss her answers, be careful not to judge her responses.  Also, make special notes of the special days and birthdays.  Set reminders on your phone or calendar.

STEP #4: Upon Completion

STEP #5: Establish a Weekly Meeting Time

Establish a day and time to connect weekly to check in and share your scription reflections, questions, concerns and any testimonies God has done in your life.  This meeting time is both of your committment.  If you don't hear form your sister, call her and encourage her to do the same.

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